The Benefits of Balance Boards for Children

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Arlo received a Capikooa balance board at Christmas and it has been a regular feature in his daily play ever since. If you follow us on Instagram, you will likely of heard me mention Arlo’s obsession with cars and vehicles, meaning our balance board is quite regularly a parking garage, makeshift bridge and vehicle ramp.

While I am passionate about eco-friendly living, and therefore wooden toys, it is definitely the open-ended element that attracts me most to wooden toys. There are no gadgets, buttons, sounds or flashing lights. It is simply a piece of curved wood, but the play possibilities are anything but simple. In fact, they’re endless! Whether you have a horse lover looking for their next stables, a pirate looking for their next ship or a budding doctor looking to examine their next patient, there is absolutely something to love!

What are the benefits of balance boards?


Balance boards are a great way to promote exercise. Of course, your child won’t know they’re exercising, which is a huge plus! Instead, they’ll think they’re having the most wonderful time playing! Balance boards are a perfect way to build muscle strength too!


It wouldn’t be possible to mention balance boards without talking about balance! There are so many different ways to practice using a balance board and just like with exercise, it won’t feel like work. A greater sense of balance allows children to have more control of their bodies and can even help with focus and concentration.

Encourages Play & Imagination

Children have an unlimited imagination and balance boards are a perfect way to get those creative juices flowing! There are no screens involved, just good old fashioned play!

Helps Children Wind Down

The soft rocking of a balance board can help children to wind down and spend some quiet time!

Can Encourage Reading

Balance boards are a great way to encourage reading as they are a good way to relax. Children can lie on the board or enjoy rocking away as they read. It also provides a designated personal zone which can be important for children.

Rainy Day Activities

Balance boards can provide a safe way for children to play and release their pent up energy, especially on those rainy days when getting outside might not be possible.


Capikooa boards are created in a fully eco-friendly way. Making them a perfect addition to eco-minded households!

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So, are balance boards good for toddlers?

Yes, if you pick a quality, age-appropriate balance board they’re great for toddler play. Whether they’re a boisterous toddler or prefer to play calmly, there are plenty of ways to play! As your toddler starts to explore the world, a balance board will provide an interesting and exciting addition to their play space. Stand it upside down as a platform they can climb, stand on, jump off or use as a bridge or base for their other toys. Sit in its rocking position and they’ve got a unique rocking toy perfect for using as a car, boat, rollercoaster and more.


Are balance boards safe?

When purchased from a reputable balance board manufacturer that ensures the highest toy safety standards, balance boards are a safe and fun addition to open-ended play. Wooden balance boards in particular are known for their durability and strength, but we do recommend balance board play is supervised by an adult if your child is under 3 years old. You know your child best, so if in doubt be nearby to support them as they adventure!

But… What do you actually DO with them?

Have you ever watched your kid pick up a stick on a walk through the woods and somehow find twenty different ways to play?

For children, there are no rules. Balance boards are designed to be open ended. Which means they can be absolutely anything their minds can come up with! Of course, there are the traditional uses such as standing to rock from side to side and develop those muscles, but there are hundreds of other uses, too.

Give your child the opportunity, and they will show you!

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If you have a balance board, leave a comment below and let us know what your child loves to do with theirs!

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