Do you worry about the quality of your child’s education?

Are you...?

The problem is...

There’s so much educational jargon out there that simply trying to get your head around it all can feel exhausting.

You’re keen to reduce your child’s screen time, but aren’t sure what the alternatives are? 

You know the importance of making sure your child is supported at home, but need fun and interesting ways to do so? 

It’s not as if they send you home with a manual when you leave the maternity unit, right? 😒

It's frustrating.
I know - I've been there!

But, there's still hope!

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This is me, Kimberley, and my son, Arlo.

I might look happy, but inside I felt like a failure.

You see, I had over a decade of teaching experience under my belt, yet I couldn’t figure out WHAT or even HOW to support my 18-month-old son’s development at home.

Every evening, I would put Arlo to bed and rather than catching up on my favourite shows or spending quality time with my husband, I was scrolling aimlessly through Pinterest and Instagram, trying to find the holy grail that would teach me how to capture his interest and work on the skills I knew he needed to develop!

It was exhausting.

Do you know the first 7 years of a child’s development are the most critical? Learning habits they develop during this period can determine the rest of their lives. 

I was amazed at the lack of resources to support parents of young children and that’s when I decided things needed to change. I knew it shouldn’t be this difficult to find reliable activities, so I utilised my decade of teaching experience and began to create my own!

I had finally sussed it.

And now, I want to help you suss it, too.

How it works...

(In just three simple steps!)

Once you have your Little Learning Hub membership, you can begin to create exciting and inspiring activities the very same day!

Just think that tonight you could be relaxing knowing everything you need for tomorrow is completely taken care of!

But, don't take my word for it...

Here's what you'll find inside...

Fresh Activities Every Month

Every single month I add a brand new selection of resources linked to a particular theme.

(For example: Oceans, Autumn, Safari), so you’ll never again find yourself stuck for something to do.

Resources For
Every Development Skill

I know that trying to figure out which skills your child should be working on can be challenging, but inside your membership, you’ll find all of the resources you’ll need each with FULL instructions!

Keep Ahead Of
Key Dates!

Linking your child’s learning to real world events helps to keep things fresh and exciting, while also developing important vocabulary skills and real world knowledge.

Our monthly play calendar keeps you ahead of all the upcoming events, so you’ll always have something to inspire you!

Healthy Recipes For The Whole Family!

You’ll also find a dedicated recipes section, full of delicious and healthy recipes the whole family will love.

There’s also plenty your little ones can get stuck in and make themselves!

Dedicated community!

One of my favourite parts of The Little Learning Hub is 24/7 access to a whole bunch of like-minded parents who are on this same crazy rollercoaster we call parenting!

Day or night, there’s always someone around to offer guidance or just a sympathetic ear. Whether you’re struggling with nappies, feeding, relationships or more, you’re sure to find someone who’s been there, too.

We're looking after you, too!

I know that when you’re happy, your kids will be happy, too.

That’s why I created a bank of resources just for parents. From DIY face masks to budget planners and fitness trackers, there’s plenty to help you take care of you!

Weekly Email Blasts

Every single week we send out a members-only newsletter that features brand new resources as well as any upcoming dates (keeping you ahead of awareness days) as well as a breadth of play tips and member knowledge!

Intense interest? We've got you!

Does your little one have a very specific interest? We try to cover all topics across our huge resource catalogue. But, what if your little one is particularly interested in vacuum cleaners or elephant nose fish?

Don’t worry, we have a ‘request a resource’ feature, so we can create something to help!

Are you ready to...

Helping You Get Started...

Here's Tool #1

The Development Toolkit

There’s a lot of jargon in the world of education and it can be really difficult to know exactly which skills your child needs work work on (fine motor skill,s gross motor skills… the list is endless!) Inside this handy toolkit, you’ll find an easy-to-follow guide that details exactly which skills your child needs to work on according to their age. 

Here's Tool #2

Resources Checklist

A handy guide to help you decide which play resources you actually need and which ones are expensive and unnecessary.

Here's Tool #3

10 Speedy Activities

The life of a parent sure is a busy one, right? We are constantly on the go! That’s why I have put together this list of activity ideas, so whether you have a spare few minutes throughout the day or want to keep your little one occupied while you cook the dinner, there are plenty of ideas to keep you going! 

How is The Little Learning Hub different to other websites?

The Little Learning Hub is unique.

It doesn’t just focus on academics, but instead takes into account the whole child – their passions and interests, their social development, world events, family occasions and more. It is SO much more than just a bank of resources and that’s why I know you’ll love it.

It is also created (from start to finish) by me! As a Mum and a teacher, I can create resources using both skill sets – so I know they will work in your family home (every activity is tested out right here before it goes live on the website) while also providing essential educational and developmental skills that will set your child on the path to success.

And don’t forget – The Little Learning Hub also takes YOUR self care into account, too! There are resources for parents and family recipes because we know that when parents feel relaxed and supported, their children do too!

Here's everything you get inside The Little Learning Hub...

T̶o̶t̶a̶l̶ ̶£̶2̶5̶0̶ ̶a̶ ̶y̶e̶a̶r̶

Today just £3.99 a month

That’s less than the price of a fancy coffee!

P.P.S. There are no contracts. involved. 

I want you to love your membership, but if for some reason you need to cancel, you can do so at any time.


The Little Learning Hub contains resources from birth (such as our high contrast cards for babies) but is most suited to children from sitting independently to age 7.

Our monthly themed activities contain three different skill levels (circle for the youngest children, triangle for children approximately 2-3 and square for ages 4+) which means the same resource can be used across multiple age ranges with just a few minor tweaks!

Our activities are designed to be used across multiple age ranges.

For example, a set of ‘animals and their babies’ cards can be used with younger children who may select a card randomly from inside a bag or empty tissue box to explore the different animals and build vocabulary, whereas older children might match the cards together or even match them to physical animal figures.

All of this is explained in your instructional guide that comes with each resource!

All the resources here at The Little Learning Hub are electronic. We do not print or deliver any physical resources to you.

For some activities, such as sets of pictured flashcards, a printer is required.

However, there are many activities that can be done without the use of a printer. Some require no resources at all, whereas for others, you can have a look at the available resource and instruction guide, then create your own version at home using the resource as a guide. For example, instead of printing a set of alphabet cards, you can simply write the letters of the alphabet onto post-it notes and use this instead.

It’s entirely up to you which resources you decide to print and which ones you can DIY.

First of all, if this sounds familiar, please don’t worry! This is entirely normal and is often referred to as an ‘intense interest’. Many children have them (Arlo does, too!) but there will be plenty of activities inside The Little Learning Hub to suit their needs – and if not, you can use the ‘request a resource’ feature to get some!

I can also help you to link new activities to your child’s interest, so you can expand your horizons and try new and exciting things!

Firstly, children all have different attention spans, so however long your little one is able to concentrate for is perfectly fine!

In fact, the average two-year-old only has an attention span of about 4 minutes!

If you are worried about how long your child focuses on an activity, your bonus ‘Development Toolkit’ will be the perfect place to start. Here, you’ll find out exactly what your child should be working on at their current age. Our exclusive member’s community is also a great place to find out what other parents are doing!

Membership costs just £3.99 a month.

This price is due to expire once we gain another 50 members.

Trust me when I say, I KNOW life can get super hectic!

But I am always looking for ways to help you get the most from your membership and help you stay on track.

Every single week, you’ll receive an email newsletter with resource ideas, what’s coming up in the following week and play tips so you can get ahead and always know what’s coming next!

We completely understand that circumstances change and you might need to leave us for whatever reason. Canceling is simple.

You can do it directly inside your account and (unlike some unscrupulous membership sites out there!) you’ll continue to gain access until your current month expires.

If you have any other questions or concerns that aren’t listed here, you can send me an email directly using

I am always more than happy to talk you through the features and options and I promise to be 100% honest.

If I think The Little Learning Hub is not the right fit for you, I’ll let you know.

Having happy members is my first priority!

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