Are you ready to skyrocket your child’s development? 

Looking for a screen-free way to boost your child’s development?

The Little Learning Hub is the ultimate teacher-created parenting solution, helping to enhance your child’s development through fun and practical activity ideas and digital resources.

We all worry about our kids spending too much time in front of screens, right?

But, searching for other ways to keep them busy can be exhausting. Not to mention cutting through the jargon to find what we’re actually supposed to be teaching them.

The Little Learning Hub is an affordable, convenient solution with brand new resources added every week, so you’ll never run out of fun and educational things to do with your little ones!

I’ve used my decade plus teaching experience to do the heavy lifting, so you can cross one more thing off that to do list and simply spend time connecting with your little ones instead! 

It can be frustrating, trying to find activities to do with our kids.

That’s why I created The Little Learning Hub. Its unique blend of fun, hands-on activity ideas and printable resources takes the guesswork out of supporting your child’s development. You’ll be able to finish that coffee in peace as they engage happily in simple, educational learning tasks!

In fact, Unicef says “Investment in good quality early childhood education services prior to entering school improves learning outcomes for children.” In other words, children who have received educational support prior to entering school achieve far greater success overall. 

The Little Learning Hub

Did you know, in the 2021-2022 academic year, only 65% of reception aged children reached their expected development milestones?

That means over 1/3 of children entered Year 1 still lacking in basic skills. 

Sadly, the older a child gets, the harder it is to close that gap. 

That’s why I designed The Little Learning Hub to support parents in creating fun and educational activities at home, so you can enjoy making memories together, while giving your little ones the best possible start to their education. 

Hands on, fun and practical activities

Learning at home is about developing a love for learning. Children who are engaged in their tasks will want to keep learning time and time again.

Easy to use resource library

Inside you'll find over 200 educational resources. They are organised by subject and there's even a handy search feature, so you can find what you need in seconds!

Trusted By Educators

Many of our members are teachers themselves, so you know our resources are just what every child needs.

Unbeatable Value

Money should never be a barrier to learning, which is why I have set Little Learning Hub access to be as affordable as possible.

Simplify Your Life!

You’re running around trying to get through the huge to-do list running through your mind. Meanwhile, your little one is begging you to play with them or perhaps they’re stuck in the corner glued to a screen? The problem is, there’s just SO much to do and never enough time to do it in. 

That’s where The Little Learning Hub comes in! It takes one more HUGE worry off your plate and provides done-for-you activities, so you can provide meaningful activities for your kids in seconds. Now, you can cook the dinner in peace while your little one sits at the kitchen table working on their hand strength and fine motor control as they use one of our playdough boards or level up their phonics knowledge as they match pictures to the phonics sounds. 

You can relax, knowing they are having fun AND learning, all while you’re free to get things done. 

Are you...

The Little Leaning Hub is for parents who...

Your friends and family will be blown away with how much your little one can do. Not only does The Little Learning Hub build their understanding of the 7 key learning areas, but it supports them in becoming well rounded, independent learners who focus for longer on one activity.

"They're coming along so much!"

“We’ve been members since the start and we have absolutely loved it! The resources are beautiful quality and it’s brilliant being sent new ones each week.

We’ve found the children coming along so much. It’s a perfect way to play and learn with your little ones.

Sofi, Benji & Faith


See For Yourself...

Take a sneak peak at just some of the incredible activities you’ll find inside The Little Learning Hub. These are photos from current members, so you can see the broad range of experiences children receive as a result of their membership!

It doesn't need to be difficult.

As a primary school teacher with over a decade of experience, I thought educating my son, Arlo, at home would be the easiest thing ever.

Boy, how wrong was I!

Instead, I could never find enough hours in the day and struggled to gain his attention for more than a few minutes.

I knew I wasn’t supporting his development the way I wanted to. It was exhausting and I felt guilty – like I was failing to give him the best start.

That’s why I jumped head first into doing every bit of research I possibly could to find a solution. 

Soon, I created The Little Learning Hub, so I could share that solution with other parents. 

There’s no scouring Instagram for ideas or trying to interpret the mountain of jargon inside the Early Years Framework.

Instead, everything is done for you. So you can select the activities your child will love and spend time making memories together.

"She really knows her stuff!"

“I have found so much value inside The Little Learning Hub. I love getting a weekly email because it really helps me get organised for the week ahead. I also love that I can post in the Facebook group and benefit from Kimberley’s years of teaching experience. She really knows her stuff and has the most creative ideas!”


Blogger and Mum of 2 

You're Not Alone

Membership to The Little Learning Hub also includes access to our warm and supportive community of parents. Here, you can ask for advice, share your thoughts and hang out with a whole bunch of awesome parents who are making their way through this same crazy parenting journey!

What's Included In Your Membership?

Educational Resources

Brand New Resources Every Week

Every week, I send out a newsletter with brand new resources, straight to your inbox. 

Every month, I add at least 12 new resources to the back catalogue, which currently stands at over 200 activity resources. 


A Dedicated Members Only Facebook Group

As part of your membership, you have access to our members only Facebook group. 

Wider Resources

Access To A Ton Of Other Resources

Alongside your activity resources, you’ll find a huge bank of other resources which are designed to help you on your parenting journey! 

How much time does it take?

Some people think creating activities at home is time consuming. In fact, it is quite the opposite! 

Every month, I provide you with a bank of activity resources. Some require printing and others do not. Many of my members choose to print all of their resources for the month, pop them in a folder and know they’re ready to go whenever they need them. Others prefer an ‘as you go’ approach. Either way, sourcing an activity using our handy search function takes a matter of seconds. 

Each activity should last around 15 minutes and I suggest 1-2 activities a week for maximum impact. That means, with just 15-30 minutes a week, you’ll be able to see a HUGE improvement in your child’s development, concentration and independence. 

Bonus Offers

Worth a whopping £39.99! 

Bonus Offer One - Development Toolkit

There’s a lot of jargon in the world of education, but don't worry, I've got you covered!

Inside this handy toolkit, you’ll find an easy-to-follow guide that details exactly which skills your child needs to work on according to their age.

Bonus Offer Two - Resources Checklist

A handy guide to help you decide which play resources you actually need and which ones are expensive and unnecessary.

Bonus Offer Three - Busy Book

This busy book is one of The Little Learning Hub's most used resources.

It covers a whole host of topics including phonics, letter recognition, counting and so much more.

"Great Value"

“We absolutely love The Little Learning Hub! As a busy Mum, it’s great to know I can just log on and find a quick activity which my daughter will love!

Also love that each month has a different theme! The resources are excellent and great value for money. “

Natalie & Scarlett


Satisfaction Guarantee

I want all my members to love our membership! If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with your membership, I am always available to support you. 

Time passes so quickly!

Before we know it, our tiny newborns are dressed in their school uniform. 

They are small for such a short amount of time, it is important to make use of every second. 

Every parent wants to instil a love of learning that will last them a life time, so they don’t just go to school, but love every second of it. 

Not only that, but to build a sense of independence that let’s them ask questions, challenge ideas and forge their own path, so we know they are truly going to succeed. 

All of this is at the forefront of The Little Learning Hub. 



Have a Question?

The Little Learning Hub contains resources from birth (such as our high contrast cards for babies) but is most suited to children from sitting independently to age 7.

Our monthly themed activities contain three different skill levels (circle for the youngest children, triangle for children approximately 2-3 and square for ages 4+) which means the same resource can be used across multiple age ranges with just a few minor tweaks!

Our activities are designed to be used across multiple age ranges.

For example, a set of ‘animals and their babies’ cards can be used with younger children who may select a card randomly from inside a bag or empty tissue box to explore the different animals and build vocabulary, whereas older children might match the cards together or even match them to physical animal figures.

All of this is explained in your instructional guide that comes with each resource!

All the resources here at The Little Learning Hub are electronic. We do not print or deliver any physical resources to you.

For some activities, such as sets of pictured flashcards, a printer is required.

However, there are many activities that can be done without the use of a printer. Some require no resources at all, whereas for others, you can have a look at the available resource and instruction guide, then create your own version at home using the resource as a guide. For example, instead of printing a set of alphabet cards, you can simply write the letters of the alphabet onto post-it notes and use this instead.

It’s entirely up to you which resources you decide to print and which ones you can DIY.

First of all, if this sounds familiar, please don’t worry! This is entirely normal and is often referred to as an ‘intense interest’. Many children have them (Arlo does, too!) but there will be plenty of activities inside The Little Learning Hub to suit their needs – and if not, you can use the ‘request a resource’ feature to get some!

I can also help you to link new activities to your child’s interest, so you can expand your horizons and try new and exciting things!

Firstly, children all have different attention spans, so however long your little one is able to concentrate for is perfectly fine!

In fact, the average two-year-old only has an attention span of about 4 minutes!

If you are worried about how long your child focuses on an activity, your bonus ‘Development Toolkit’ will be the perfect place to start. Here, you’ll find out exactly what your child should be working on at their current age. Our exclusive member’s community is also a great place to find out what other parents are doing!

Membership costs just £3.99 a month.

This price is due to expire once we gain another 50 members.

Trust me when I say, I KNOW life can get super hectic!

But I am always looking for ways to help you get the most from your membership and help you stay on track.

Every single week, you’ll receive an email newsletter with resource ideas, what’s coming up in the following week and play tips so you can get ahead and always know what’s coming next!

We completely understand that circumstances change and you might need to leave us for whatever reason. Canceling is simple.

You can do it directly inside your account and (unlike some unscrupulous membership sites out there!) you’ll continue to gain access until your current month expires.

If you have any other questions or concerns that aren’t listed here, you can send me an email directly using

I am always more than happy to talk you through the features and options and I promise to be 100% honest.

If I think The Little Learning Hub is not the right fit for you, I’ll let you know.

Having happy members is my first priority!

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