Children’s Games

Online Educational Resources!

While The Little Learning Hub focuses mainly on practical, hands-on activities for children to do at home or while out and about, I am in no way adverse to online activities. Like any parent, there are times when I find Arlo’s tablet invaluable and he regularly engages in a limited, pre-approved selection of electronic games, activities and videos. 

Because I know how hard it can be to find good quality educational content, I have commissioned a selection of electronic games your children can play safely! 

I hope you enjoy them! 

(Don’t forget to rotate your device if playing on mobile).

Animal Words For Kids

In this game, children drag and drop each letter into the correct place to form an animal themed word. It is great for letter recognition, spelling and hand eye coordination. 

Counting Game For Kids

For this i-spy activity, children look at the different images and count to find how many of each item is shown in the picture. You then drag the correct number onto the item to lock it in. A great way to work on counting skills, pattern and colour recognition, number recognition and hand eye coordination. 

Sea World

For this game, children have to analyse the shape, colour and pattern of each fish to identify three or more that are the same (in any direction). Draw a line to connect the matching fish and watch them disappear!