5 Coronation Craft Activities (Plus a bonus FREE download!) to celebrate King Charles III Coronation!

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Have you been wondering how you can celebrate the coronation in 2023?

Celebrating special events, like King Charles iii coronation, with your children is a wonderful way to make memories and create traditions. The coronation of King Charles iii is particularly special as it is most likely the first time both you and your children have been alive for such an event!

I thought this week I would share with you a few activity ideas to help you with your coronation celebrations!

Build Your Own Sceptre

1) Make a Royal Sceptre: A sceptre is a symbol of power and authority that is often seen in coronation ceremonies. You can easily make one at home with some cardboard, paint, and glitter. Start by cutting out a long, thin strip of cardboard for the handle. Paint it in your child’s favourite colour and then add some glitter for some extra sparkle. Next, cut out a shape for the top of the sceptre, such as a star or a heart. Paint it in a complementary colour and add more glitter. Once both parts are dry, attach the top of the sceptre to the handle with glue. Your child will love holding their very own sceptre and pretending to be the king or queen.

P.S. If your Christmas decorations are still in easy reach, a simple gold bauble would make the perfect top for your sceptre! 

Make a Royal Banner

2) Create a Royal Banner: Banners or bunting are often displayed during coronation ceremonies to signify the king’s reign. You can make one at home with some fabric or felt, paint, and ribbon. Cut out a large rectangle of fabric or felt in your child’s favourite colour. Next, use paint to write on the banner. You could create your own monarchy by creating your very own family crest to go on your banner. Alternatively, you could mark out a union jack flag, trace an outline of Buckingham Palace or if you’re really good at art, trace an outline of the members of the royal family! You can also add decorative elements such as a crown or a shield. Once the paint is dry, attach a piece of ribbon to either end of the banner so that it can be hung up. Your child will feel proud to display their royal banner for all to see. 
Another option would be to use needle and thread to stitch onto your banner. Children in primary school will be expected to sew as part of their Design & Technology development, so this would be great practice. You can start by putting a simple running stitch around the outside with a child safe needle or write the numbers 2023 and ask your little one to sew over the top to create a keepsake you can treasure for years to come! 

Get Ready For The Ball!

3) Make a Royal Mask: Masks are another great coronation craft activity. They are a fun and creative way to get into the spirit of the coronation! You can make a very simple DIY mask using paper plates, paint, and embellishments. Start by cutting out eye holes in the paper plate. Next, paint the plate in your child’s favourite colours and add some decorative elements such as glitter or stickers. You can also add a crown or other symbols of royalty. Once the mask is dry, attach a piece of elastic to the sides so that it can be worn. Your child will love pretending to be the king or queen while wearing their royal mask.
You could make one each and wear them to your very own coronation big lunch or coronation party! Maybe even dress up and pretend you are at your very own royal ball, how lovely! 

Build A Castle

4) Build a Castle: What better way to celebrate the coronation than by building a castle fit for a king? You can use a variety of materials such as cardboard, toilet roll tubes, blocks, magnetic tiles or even Legos. Start by deciding on the size and shape of the castle. You can create turrets, a drawbridge, and even a moat if you’re feeling ambitious. Encourage your child to use their imagination and add their own creative touches. Once the castle is complete, your child can use it as a backdrop for their own coronation ceremony. Don’t forget, you can even decorate your castle with whiteboard pens on many surfaces (such as magnetic tiles and Lego) to get some mark making in, too! 

Grab our FREE Scavenger Hunt!

5) Finally, you can grab our Little Learning Hub free coronation scavenger hunts as the perfect way to have fun as a family! This resource is the perfect accompaniment to any of your coronation day celebrations! If you have family coming over for a celebration, you could put the cards high so each child can tick them off (or draw if they are older) or you could create multiple copies using different coloured pieces of paper so each child is responsible for finding and collecting their own colour (a great way to add an element of competition!) 

There are two versions to download. One which is coronation themed and one celebrates all things British across the four countries in Britain (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) so there is definitely something for everyone! 

If you are a Little Learning Hub member, don’t forget to check out your coronation day playdough boards, colouring activities, bowling gross motor resource and London landmarks activity inside your members area! 

There we have it! I hope these craft activity ideas offer a fun and creative way to learn about history and tradition while spending quality time together!

You can adapt these ideas to suit your child’s interests and abilities, and even involve them in the planning process. Above all, have fun and enjoy the special occasion with your little ones!


Please don’t forget to tag me (@LittleLearningHub) in your awesome coronation day activities. I can’t wait to see what you get up to! 


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